Better data leads to better care

OKKO Health is more than an app to measure vision. We think about the whole approach in eye care systems - from service providers to patients - ensuring that reliable home-monitoring will allow patients to rapidly access specialist eye care when they need it most and to feel reassured to remain at home when their condition is stable.

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Vision science embedded in simple video games

We combine vision science and computer science to measure sight as precisely and reliably as physically possible, on an easy-to-access platform that patients of all ages actually enjoy. Games allow us to gain repeated measurements, combining the best of scientific techniques with an easy, simple interface that patients find engaging to use regularly. We use vanishing optotypes symbols with sophisticated screen calibration techniques to ensure reliable results.

More than just visual acuity

We understand that vision isn’t represented by visual acuity alone. We also measure low contrasts, distortion metrics and colour vision. We’ve already demonstrated that measuring vision dynamically is the key to better monitoring of disease, and having additional features of vision alongside standard visual acuity leads to a better understanding of real-world visual ability.

Higher quality vision data measured often

Good measurements taken regularly are the foundation for strong clinical decision making, so we work with vision scientists to ensure our calculations use gold-standard techniques. Home-monitoring relies on patient engagement, and so we have co-designed our system with patients so know that our tech is user-friendly and enjoyable.

A tech for the future of eye care

Our CE-marked system is the first big data collection tool for visual function. We don’t just want to detect vision change as it happens but, ultimately, we want to predict it using data analytics. We are looking forward to partnering with forward-thinking organisations to identify novel digital biomarkers of eye disease.

Our technology takes a system approach

Our system is CE-marked and comprises 3 parts:

Patient-facing app

Cloud-based secure server for encrypted data

Clinical dashboard

Patient pathway

If patient can’t see their doctors in person and that way access care, we have to bring the care to them: we effectively make use of the new technology available in everyones pocket; let this be the starting point for a more sustainable future in eye care

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